Final Project – ADVERSE ANTIPATHY Critique and Parting Party!

**I want to remind you that we have a guest coming in take part in the critique. 
His name is Jim Osman. He is a teacher and well-known exhibiting fine artist in the areas of installation, painting, and sculpture.

Please read all the way to the bottom of the post to be adequately prepared.


  • There are just a few of you who have not completed the course evaluations. Please do so. We all greatly appreciate it.
  • If you have changed anything regarding your proposal or direction of your final project please email me to let me know.
  • Please think about a strong concept, visual readability, scale, color and utilize material and methods learned from our class.
    Also, think about how you want the project to look if it were shown in a group show at the MoMA.
  • Finalize your project in two parts or more.
  • Practice your 5-8 minute oral presentation using THE HANDOUT I GAVE YOU as prompts.
  • Create a post for the final project on your Learning Portfolio before class complete with the steps within the project, written reflection, and visual process. We will project your jpeg images from your Learning Portfolio in addition to showing the physical final project during the critique. Only post jpegs, not pdf links, onto your Learning Portfolio.
  • For the printmaking project, post your favorite image from the series on your Learning Portfolio, briefly explain the story content and your printing process or use of mixed media.


  • Your physical final project to show in person (The Learning Portfolio post is a supplement, not a substitute.)
  • I will bring forks, knives, tablecloth, and cups. Bring any food or drink you would like to contribute to our party. 

 ***Come prepared to share your bias, response, process, changes, research, viewpoint, materials, and methods.
(Again, here is the oral presentation guide with prompts to help you prepare)

 Email me at any time with questions or if you want any feedback. I will respond right away.

I look forward to seeing your projects!

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Installation from The Long Run exhibition
Joan Jonas, Reanimation, 2010-13
The Museum of Modern Art, New York

We will meet in the same classroom this week.

The course evaluation link was sent to you via email and can be accessed through Canvas. Please fill out the forms for all courses.
I appreciate your taking part in the process and value your feedback.

Homework and Class Timeline
(PART 1) 12:10-1:10 pm
Short Critique of the Printmaking Assignment: Be prepared for a short presentation. Review the requirements and what to bring in the post below from last week. Bring all process drawings, printing plates, and final prints.
We focused on discussing and finalizing the proposals last week. Therefore we will have a presentation this week.

(PART 2) 1:10- 2:30 pm
Final Project Assignment: Have your final project started and ready to show in progress. Send me the final version of your proposal right away if not done before. Come prepared for working in class.

For example:
MONOTYPES AND DRYPOINTS (printing paper, ink, and the press will be supplied)
-Have all hand drawings prepared for tracing over onto the plexiglass.
-Purchase the suggested plexiglass, which comes in a packet of 3, at Blick or DaVinci. (Email me if you do not remember what I required.)
-If you are creating drypoints, have at least two drawings transferred over onto plexiglass sheets before Thursday using the etching needle I provided and ready for printing in the classroom. Bring the etching needles to class with you.
-If you are creating monotypes, you will place them on the plexiglass during class. Bring brushes.
-Have hand drawings or Illustrator drawings almost completed. They can be finalized in class. Be sure to have the Illustrator document concluded before the end of class to send it to the Graphics Lab via email before you leave class. THE STICKERS HAVE TO BE READY FOR THE FINAL CRIT. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO EMAIL THE DOCUMENTS. You may need time to make corrections. Be sure to embed.
-Have all hand drawings translated into Illustrator drawings and set up for the laser cutter.
-Purchase your plexiglass, wood or other approved materials for cutting
-IMPORTANT! Have your appointments made for Thursday, May 3rd for 1:15-2:15 pm, ahead of time for working in the Laser Lab during the second part of class time.

If you need further clarification or have any questions, please email me.


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Week 13, Assignment 5: Myths and Legends Final Presentation, Preparation for the Final Project (4/26)

Please note: Missing a crit results in a failing grade for the presentation.

(On Thursday we will meet in the same location as our previous class, 66 5th Avenue, Room 720)

A. Bring in all five parts of the monotype and etching project. See the list below. (I will bring back the mixed media and drypoint prints.)
B. Prepare, type and print out the proposal for your final project before class.
Use the categories placed on the template I gave you in class. Open this link to the PROPOSAL TEMPLATE and GUIDELINES. Review the link to the PROJECT DESCRIPTION I gave you at the MoMA.

FINAL PROJECT ASSIGNMENT: Remember the two or more part project is a reaction to one or two artists and their artwork viewed at the MoMA. You must choose a piece of work that affected you in a negative, repulsive way. How would you recreate the artwork to make it more pleasing and meaningful? It doesn’t have to resemble the original pieces in any way.

For example:
-Choose an artist that works in a style, spirit or manner you dislike
-Choose an artist whose way of working is boring or irrelevant, too easy or simple, considered inept, pointless or ugly in your eyes
-Choose an artist who is missing some element you consider essential to good art or good drawing
-Choose an artist whose work is made out of materials you consider unacceptable
    1. monotype prints and mixed media
    drypoint prints
    3. drypoint plexiglass printing plate
    ALL four of your myths and legends preparatory sketches/drawings even if they were not used for the final prints. The four preliminary sketches/drawings include: 
    4. interpretation sketches for two of the Greek Myths (monotype assignment)
    5. interpretation drawings for two of the Native American Legends (drypoint assignment)
    You will want to obtain credit for all of your process efforts by showing and handing them in.
    I will bring back your mixed-media and drypoint prints.
    One hour of class time will be used to start on your final project. Please be fully prepared to make the most of the time.
    1. Hand in your typed proposal with two sketches completed before
    not during class.
    2. Bring your materials to work during class.
    For example:
    1. Drawing paper and drawing tools to create preliminary images for monotypes or drypoints
    2. Drawing materials, computer with Adobe Illustrator document for laser cutting
    3. Drawings, computer with Adobe Illustrator for Vinyl printing

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know via email. I always welcome your communication.

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Good news! If you have not purchased printmaking paper, you can use the sheets I just acquired from a source today.

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For Week 12, Assignment 4: Myths and Legends-Printing the Story (Part 2) Native American Legends and Drypoint Printmaking 4/19

Drypoint examples

PAST STUDENT WORK from a different drypoint assignment

    A. COMPLETE A TWO PAGED SHORT READING on Seven of the Most Popular Legends attached (here.) 
    B. Based on your choices from the readings, create two interpretative drawings on 11×14″ drawing paper (not in your sketchbooks.) The pages must be loose to serve as tracings for your printing process. NOTE: The paper requirement is much larger than for the monotypes due to having to be LARGER than your plexiglass plate. Be sure to cut it to size ahead of time. We won’t have a place to cut it.
    C. Once the two drawings are complete, put them on tracing paper or scan and print them in reverse. This way the drypoint will not print out backward when put through the printing press.
  • Please note it is important to bring the MATERIALS LISTED BELOW for working in class! 
    -The plexiglass printing plate you used for the monotype. VERY IMPORTANT to bring it back!! Each student will need to have their own.
    -2 sheets of printmaking paper 11×14″ in size. One large sheet of printing paper can be cut up into two 11 x 14″ sizes.
    When you go to Blick ask for printmaking prices to see what is the most affordable for you. Let them know that you will be doing drypoint so that the paper is smooth.
    You can buy BK Reeves or Arches, for example. z
  • See the top of the class lectures page for more information on the relevancy of monotypes, drypoints and what defines and monoprint.
  • IMPORTANT!!: We are going to be a part of an exhibition for both sections of our course. Both classes will have work in the Book Arts Center which has a window facing out to 5th Ave.
    –Please bring back all of the clay buildings you made from your last project.
    Yesterday, We were asked by the Dean of Parsons to showcase examples of the clay project for 10 days. It is an exhibition of work that came out of the Making Center after the fire. This is a great opportunity for your work to be seen by other students, faculty tour groups and from the street. When the exhibition comes down, the buildings will be returned to you. Thank you!
  • This Thursday, give me an idea of what you plan to create for your final project as a response to chosen works and the MoMA. Have at least two sketches showing your plans. We will be discussing the topic individually while you work in class.



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For Week 11, Assignment 5: Final Project-MoMA Museum Visit (4/12)

  • HOMEWORK due this coming Thursday:
    We gave our full attention to the Built Metropolis critique last week, and there was not enough room in our small space to work on any other projects. Therefore, there was a change of plan, and I assigned the mixed media project for homework.
    1. To fulfill the requirements of the clay project, please finalize and post on your Learning Portfolio by 3/9.
    In case you need the questions again for your post:
    -What is a short overview of the assignment and your personal purpose?

    -What was your process? (Include visuals of the sketches, notes, photos and the final outcome on all sides) Prototypes and digital applications were not required for this project.
    -Explain how you went about completing the project and what tools applied.
    -What did you focus on? Concept? Goal?
    -How did the project change as you went along?
    2. Monotype and mixed media project – Use any mixed media you choose. For example, paint, color pencils, pastels, pen and ink, glue, collage materials made out of paper, cloth and other.
    Think about what works best to enhance your monotype, yet not take away from its original state. Apply the mixed media to one of your prints. Leave the other two in their original state as pure monotypes.

    We will visit the MoMA ON THURSDAY to prepare for the final project. You will travel there on your own. Therefore, we will meet in the Museum entrance. Please arrive by 12:30.
    11 West 53 Street, New York, NY 10019
    Please enter at 18 West 54 Street

    TRAIN: Take the F train from 6th Avenue and 14th Street, uptown and get off at the 57th Street station.
    Walk down to 54th street.

    1. Your sketchbook for sketches and note taking, pencils, and your DSLR camera or smartphone camera for the trip.

    2. Your mixed-media monotype homework
    so that I can collect them.   

***No need to bring your computer to our next class.   

Let me know if you have any questions. See you at the museum!

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For Week 10, Assignment 4: Monotype and Mixed Media (4/5)

Please note: It is better to attend than to miss the class. Two or more absences results in a 1/2 grade drop in your final grade. 

(Our classroom location will be in the University Center, room 514)

-The start of class will be dedicated to the Built Metropolis clay project. You will have to bring them out of the Wet Lab and carry them over to class.They are sitting on the top shelf in the back of the Wet Lab in the room behind the glass with the kilns. They are at the very end of the room. Go to the Wet Lab to get your projects tonight before 7:00 pm or tomorrow morning before 11:30 am. I will be there at 11:30 am tomorrow and will leave to make it over to class by 11:45 am. You won’t have access to the Wet Lab from 12-3 pm. 

-The rest of class time will be used to work with mixed media on top of one or two out of the three of your monotypes created in the Printmaking Lab. The other one or two of the three will remain purely as monotypes.

    1. Your monotypes from the Printmaking Lab. I rescued them on Monday from the Printmaking Lab, and they are fine. They are drying in my studio. I will bring them to class. I am so excited to have them here to look over. You all produced some fabulous work!
    2. Also, bring any mixed media you choose.
    For example, paint, color pencils, pastels, pen and ink, glue, collage materials made out of paper, cloth and other.
    Think about what works best to enhance your monoprint, yet not take away from its original state.
    A special guest will take part in the critique to give you some professional feedback.
     TO BRING:
    1. Your sketchbook drawings and notes
    2. The photographs you took of the architecture (They can be shown on your computer)
    3. The clay architectural structure you built in the Wet Lab. Someone has to escort you to the Wet Lab either tonight or tomorrow morning. You will have to allow extra time for the escort process.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know via email.

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