For Week 6, Assignment 2: Myths and Legends-Printing the Story (Part 2) Native American Legends (3/3)

We will meet in the classroomAt the start of class, we will review the prints you created last week and make comments and suggestions. No need to collect the prints from the Printmaking Studio yourselves.  I will bring your prints to class with me. Be sure to bring back the plexi plates you etched into and printed from last week to include in the mini-crit. Afterward, you will continue with the second part of your project. YOU HAVE TO BRING BACK THE ETCHING NEEDLES YOU SIGNED OUT.

1. COMPLETE A TWO PAGED SHORT READING on Seven of the Most Popular Legends attached (here.)  Please note this is not the same reading you completed for last week. This is an additional reading to prepare for this coming Thursday.

2. Based on your choice from this week’s reading, create ONE interpretative drawing on 6×8″ drawing paper. No need to make two drawings. (Now that you are familiar with the printmaking process, you can better judge the outcome.) The image will serve as a tracing template for your printing process.
Please put time and effort into the drawing to reflect a successful outcome. Once the drawing is complete, put it on tracing paper or scan and print it in reverse.
Upload an image of it onto Canvas.

3. Work on the etching plate you printed from during our last class. If you took the etching needle home, work on the engraving you started in class. If you need to wash it off, use soap and water.
Don’t create a NEW etching plate until you come to class on Thursday.

2. You can purchase one large sheet of BFK Rives printmaking paper and divide it into 4 (buy that specific brand as it works best for the type of ink we use)
I will provide the etching plates again as well. No need to buy your own. (We all need to have the same thickness of the plate to fit through the etching press)

Materials we use in class: Akua printing plate, Akua Intaglio Inks, BFK Rives printmaking paper, diamond point etching needle, twisted etching needle, roulette

Class Lectures
Student References

Please email me if you have any questions about preparing for class. I want to be sure everything is clear.

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