For Week 5, Assignment 2: Myths and Legends-Printing the Story (2/24)

Etching and drypoint examples

Mythological Playing Cards. Dated: 1644. Medium: 12 etchings on one sheet. Museum: National Gallery of Art, Washington DC. Author: STEFANO DELLA BELLA.

series of playing cards printing on one sheet, the 1600s

1. For those who would like to make corrections to their laser wear project, If you have access to the projects, please submit with changes by the next class. (Keep suggestions in mind from the crit)
based on in-progress work, timeliness, presentation, quality, and improvements (resubmission of in-progress work, Illustrator document, or final project with revisions.)
GRADING: The project should demonstrate all three laser techniques in the design and time and effort when assembling the parts. The Learning Portfolio plays a crucial role in the final grade, as indicated in the guidelines.

2. Complete your Learning Portfolio post for the Laser Wear Project. You have to provide the link to the post on Canvas by Wednesday, February 23, at 10:00 pm at the latest for my review. The day before our next class to give me time to make comments.
Please use the prompts at the bottom of the page here for what to write in your post. Include photos of your work in progress, Illustrator document, prototype, sketches, information about working with your client, the finished project, and answers to all of the prompts.
There are links to examples of posts (go to the bottom of the page) that are good models for the Laser Wear Learning
Portfolio reflection. 

3. COMPLETE A TWO PAGED SHORT READING on Nine of the Most Famous Greek Myths attached (here.) 

4. Based on your choices from the readings, create two interpretative drawings on 6×8″ paper size. The images will serve as tracings for your printing process. Have them ready at the start of class. They will be uploaded to Canvas at that time.
Once the two drawings are complete, put them on tracing paper or scan and print them in reverse. This way, the etchings will not print out backward when running through the printing press.

TO BRING for working in class:
-I will provide ALL of the supplies you need other than paper.
-I highly suggest that you purchase BFK Rives Printmaking Paper at Blick  or ask for other printmaking paper. Buy one large sheet and divide it. (,The full size is 22 x 30, I believe,)

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