Class Lectures

(DAY 15)
Antipathy or Admiration
-Fill out course evaluations during the first 15 minutes of class
-Introduction to Professor Linnea Paskow
Final Project Presentations!
-Due today – Upload your LP post link on Canvas for presentation purposes
-Individual artist presentations (3-5 minutes)
(15-minute break-if we have time)
-Individual artist presentations continue (3-5 minutes)
-All missing and revised assignments are due tomorrow, Friday, April 13th!
Happy summer break!!! Thanks for being my fabulous students!!

(Day 11)
Transparent Illusion

-Due today – 5 drawings, prototypes, photos of prototypes on windows
Start the Illustrator program process
(15 minute break)
Discuss progress with Alaiyo

Review homework

(Day 10)
Laser Wear Presentations
-Due today – Finalize post to use for today’s presentation and upload LP link before class
-Individual Ceramicists presentations (3-5 minutes) Yes, we will note the limited time you were given for this project.
(15 minute break)
-Individual Ceramicists presentations continue (3-5 minutes)
-Homework review


(Day 9)
Built Metropolis
-Continue and finish your building (record process)
-Practicing ceramists for inspiration
-Homework review
Have your work on the shelf for bisque firing by the end of class
We will have a guest during our presentation of the project next week to take part in the critique
(review terminology)

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(Day 7)
Myths and Legends Presentations
-Due today – Upload photos of your prints by the end of class
-Individual printmaker presentations (3-5 minutes)
(15 minute break)
-Individual printmaker presentations continue (3-5 minutes)
-Homework review
Have a great break!

(Day 6)
Printing the Legends etching
-Due today – One interpretation of your Legends assignment to transfer to your etching plate (photos for my record)
-Mini crit of the prints from last week
-Homework review
-Be sure to complete online
and in person orientation for Wet Lab to prepare for the next assignment.

(Day 4)
Laser Wear Presentations
-Due today – Upload updated documents and photos in the latest assignment area 
-Individual designer presentations (3-5 minutes)
(15 minute break)
-Individual designer presentations continue (3-5 minutes)
-Homework review

(Day 2)
Laser Wear
Work with partner on Designs
Discuss progress with Alaiyo
(15 minute break)
Start the Illustrator program process
Review homework

laser cutting in action


(Day 1)
Human-Centered Design Process


Custom made jewelry for your client
-Work in groups of three

-Interview your client
-Understand the client’s activities and interests to include a personal, symbolic element in the designs
-Take measurements
-Create a concept with the client in mind
-Keep in contact with each other between classes
-Draft sketches (brainstorm)
– In the end, you will have two designs

-Create two (paper, string, tape,) prototypes


How to make an orientation appointment

Historical, cultural, and modern jewelry designs, as well as materials you have around you, can serve as inspirations for the bracelet or necklace you design and make for your peer. Research on your own to come up with desired outcomes.

1. Images of Egyptian and Baroque historical jewelry below show how their style and construction have remained a timeless inspiration for the way jewelry is designed and made today.
2. The modern designs below reflect the trends and examples of what can be made as laser cut outcomes. The materials will differ as metal has its limitations as an option with the laser cutter. (The list of materials you can use when laser cutting.)

Egyptian historical bracelets and necklaces for men and women

Baroque historical bracelets and necklaces

Modern Inspiration