Learning Portfolio

(A tutorial on using and setting up your Learning Portfolio)

The Learning Portfolio will be used extensively in this class. Students are expected to make timely posts with edited images for all assignments including the final. All image posts must be accompanied by a short written account (materials, intention, references, reflection.) Tags must be used.


Questions to think about as you post visuals and written text:

What is an overview of the assignment?
What was your process? (Include your proposal, photos of your work in progress, sketches,  the finished project)
-Describe and show the artist and artwork you chose as a reference from the MoMA exhibition. Include all additional reference.
-Reflect on your experience with the project and how it summarizes our course for you.
-(Add more reflection of choice if you desire.)

Note, this post will be utilized in your class presentation. Consider the format. Ex. Create a slide show.