Your sketchbook is an integral part of the course and is to be used for every project.
Can include: Your own personal choice of work and idea notes, preparatory sketches, compositional studies, technique samples, lecture/demonstration notes.

I will be reviewing student sketchbooks as each project occurs throughout the term.  Sketchbooks should reflect the thoughtful and meaningful exploration of ideas, media, and techniques.

Your Learning Portfolio is another essential part of the course requirements. It is a place to post right after the final presentation for each assignment during the semester. Along with image placement, you are to write about the concepts, processes, and outcomes of the projects.
I will be reviewing student Learning Portfolios throughout the course.


  • If students complete the requirements of the course in Spring 2020, they are eligible to receive an A or A-.
  • If students do not complete the course work they could request an extension from the instructor. A grade of incomplete “I” gives students more time to complete outstanding work. Granting an extension involves communication and clear guidelines for students. The incomplete should not come as a surprise, but rather as a conversation.
  • A grade of “Z,” which designates a student has Unofficially Withdrawn, may be assigned to students who discontinue to engage or participate in their coursework.
  • Students may withdraw from courses until the final day of the term, May 13, 2020. It is strongly recommended that students speak to advising before withdrawing, as it may affect financial aid or immigration status.

-Late projects.  (not late if sent via email by midnight, the same day project is due)

-Not coming prepared to class with materials and review of this blog
-Incomplete projects at the required level, in progress (when asked) or finished (when due)
-Sleeping or texting during class
-Coming late to class (Students are marked tardy after 10 minutes. Two tardies equal one absence. An absence occurs after 30 minutes.)
-Not participating in projects, discussions, and critiques

Evaluation of Student Performance
(If a project is turned in on time, reworking raises the grade)

Improvement, Quality, Preparedness, Sketchbook, Class projects, Homework Projects, Five Major Projects, Learning Portfolio, Extra Credit

Class Participation: 40%
Class participation, attendance, and collaboration:
collaboration as evidenced by self- and peer-evaluation feedback, Learning Portfolio entries, and group/individual work and participation in class

10% Attendance
10% Mini-critiques, Final critiques, class discussions, sketchbook
10% In-class exercises
10% Learning Portfolio

Projects: 60%
Process, documentation, presentation and Learning Portfolio reflection included in all projects will be a part of these grades

10% Project 1
10% Project 2
10% Project 3
10% Project 4
20% Final project
100% TOTAL

1.Preparation– brainstorming, reading the blog, and following the guidelines, having projects in on time and finished to the degree expected, bringing in all required supplies and any communication with me and exchange for help.
2. Project grade– submission of the assignment, use of tools and techniques, problem-solving, overall comprehension, creating all parts of a project which work together, effort, and improvement if handed in again.
3. Quality– presentation during a critique, time, and effort placed into a project, how consistent the areas of the project are in quality. Always put your best effort in, it is a reflection on you. Each portion of a multi-part project will be given letter grades separately.
4. Improvement-will be included in the grade based on if it is applied or not when suggested or the initiative is taken on your own. Growth is also a part of improvement.