Week 7, Assignment 2: Myths and Legends Final Presentation (3/10)

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1. Ceramics orientation:
Online first, then in person: All students must complete the canvas element of theCeramics Tier 1 Orientation. Students may not fire their work or enter the shops without this online orientation.

2. Design Lab orientation:
You can sign up using this form.

3. Be sure the photos of your sketches and etching plates are taken in good lighting such as next to a window during the day. You will submit photos of the final project on Canvas. You can take photos of the prints left to dry during class.

4. Prepare for a presentation and critique of the printmaking assignment. We will need to see all of the etching prints you created (both good and bad) to review the changes and improvements. Be prepared to discuss your making process and concepts for your myth and legend images. Make sure you are familiar with the titles and stories you chose to interpret.

5. Study the INTAGLIO TERMS, MATERIALS AND PRINTING TECHNIQUES on the Vocabulary page to prepare for the presentation.

Bring all process drawings, printing plates, and final prints (I will bring in the prints you left drying in the Printmaking Shop)

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