For Week 7, Assignment 2: Transparent Illusion Final Presentation (3/7)

Remember to allow enough time for submitting, printing, placement on a window, and photographing.
Five days is a safe time frame between emailing the document and picking up the stickers. The stickers will not be printed over the weekend, Send them in today via email, Friday, March 1, at the latest.

Instructions for SETTING UP AND SENDING IN THE STICKERS DOCUMENT  (shown in class)

Your goal is to have your printed sticker illustrations placed and integrated into the scenery that goes beyond the window. It is important to have the right scale and lineup of the stickers in relationship to the scenery. Create the images dark enough to show up when placed on your window.
Take photos of the stickers and scenery from different vantage points. Be sure the stickers and scenery are both in focus (not blurry in the background.) Print out the photographs for the final presentation. Then enjoy the final illusion!

1. Complete the formatted Illustrator document 
2. Send the file via email to the Design Labin time to receive the stickers by Wednesday of this week.
3. Place the stickers on the areas of the chosen window(s).
4. Take good quality photos of the setup to show as your final presentation. (The printed stickers and photos of them on the window are the final project.) Please take time to align the stickers and the scene through the window carefully when taking your photos. You want to create a convincing illusion.
Please be sure to use quality photo paper or shiny paper to print out your photos for the presentation.

1. drawings in your sketchbook
2. your acetate prototypes
3. final illustrator drawings/document (the files will be submitted to me on Canvas at the start of class)
4. t
he sheet of printed stickers
5. photos of the final outcome of the stickers on windows

You will need to bring your computer – for showing documentation during the crit – and in case we have time for posting on your Learning Portfolio during class. **All items you bring for the crit will be photographed and shown in your LP post.

I look forward to seeing the final results!

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Examples of sketching and prototyping
Review the process on the reference page:
-sketched out ideas 
-using a clear sheet on the window to create prototype placement and scale
-placing tracing paper over the acetate drawing to create the final image.
(You have to study the homework post below)

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For Week 6, Assignment 2: Transparent Illusion (2/28)


birds on window

Bird drawings on clear stickers adhered to a window (Note: there is a problem with the photo-the scene behind the birds is too blurry.)

Ask yourself these questions:
-How would you create the illusion that images placed on a window are part of the scenery behind them?
-What subject matter would you create?
-How would you use your way of drawing lines and mark making? How heavy and dark do your lines need to be in order to show up? Can you fill in black areas to create impact? (see the image of the birds on the window shown above)
-What dictates the subject matter? (You can draw anything you choose as long as there is a relationship to what you see through the window.)
-How would you determine the scale of the transparent drawings? (The prototypes will assist you) Please note, as indicated below, the sticker sheets are 28″ long x 1″ high at minimum. If you choose a larger height, it will cost you more.

1. First – choose any window(s) of any size with any view you like best.
2. Next – finalize five black and white drawings that you started in class.
Note: ALL  FIVE IMAGES will be translated into transparent stickers. They can be created by hand or digitally.
3. Then – prototype the drawings by sketching them in ink on top
of acetate other transparent paper and placing the pages onto one or more windows.
Create the drawings in different sizes to play around with scale.
4. Lastly – Take photos of the window(s) with the prototypes in place.

You will be given time in class to make revisions to your drawings and finalize your images in Illustrator. Please be sure to have a photo of the window so that I can review all of the elements you are putting together to make your final images.

-Your five black and white drawings to show in person
-A photo of the prototypes over your chosen window. 
(You can bring the prototypes in as well.)
-Your  computer with Adobe Illustrator
The cost is $2.00 for a sheet of 28″ x 1″. Larger sizes will cost more. Several drawings can fit on one strip. You can also share your sticker space with another student.

I look forward to seeing your drawings!

You can always ask me questions via email for clarity. 

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For Week 5, Assignment 2: Transparent Illusion (2/21)

1. For those who held on to their Laser Wear projects, please submit with changes by the next class. For those who turned them in, I will hand them back to you at the start of class. You will still be able to make adjustments if needed.

2. Complete your Learning Portfolio post for the Laser Wear Project. You have to submit the link to the post on Canvas by Wednesday, February 20th at the latest.
Please review the prompts and examples of other posts for the project, at the bottom of the page here. In your post, include photos of the materials and sketches you laid out on the pedestal during the presentation, the finished jewelry, the client wearing the jewelry and answers to all of the prompts (in the handout given to you during class.) Be sure your photos are taken in good lighting.

3. Choose subject matter such as an object or person which could appear as if it were part of the scenery behind a window. Come up with 5 ideas. Complete the preliminary drawings in your sketchbook. The images should be in black and white line or silhouette.
Keep in mind they will be printed on transparent stickers for the final outcome.

You can review some examples created by past students here.

TO BRING for working in class:
-Any black sharpies and drawing pens you have
-The reference you would like to use for your sticker drawings

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For Week 4, Assignment 1: Laser Wear Final Presentation (2/14)




Please consider the design, function, fit, scale, amount of detail, number of pieces on your jewelry.  Utilize all 3 laser cutting techniques.
Bring all parts of the project for the FINAL CRITIQUE
Our special guest Chrissie Dowler will take part in the critique to give you some professional feedback. Miss Dowler will need to see all the steps of your process.

1. Have all jewelry wholly finished with all parts assembled and ready to be worn by the client for whom you created the design, at the start of class.
2. Submit the Illustrator document onto Canvas
3. Wear black to best enhance the jewelry when worn by the client.

1. your paper prototype
2. materials you used to laser cut put the parts together (such as links, cords, etc.)
3. your computer with your updated Illustrator document (you will submit the document to me during class) 
4. your sketchbook with drawings for the project 
5. Any pieces that show mistakes and were not used for the final outcome (visually explains the learning process) 
6. Your final piece(s) of jewelry in a necklace or bracelet format**You will use all items listed above to show and talk about during the crit.

You will need to bring your computer for posting on your Learning Portfolio during class. **All items you bring for the crit will be photographed and shown in your LP post.

Class Lectures
1. Review the lecture shown in class on the laser chemistry make-up, how to use the lab, create the laser set up on the lab computer, and how to make an appointment to go over your document and materials in the lab.
2. How to photograph jewelry 

Ask for advice via email at any time. 

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For Week 3, Assignment 1: Laser Wear (2/7)

Please read and review the visuals in this post all the way to the bottom to be sure to include all that is required for the assignment.
Here is the link to a page with several tutorials on using Illustrator to help you create the assignment.

Please have your chosen design completed in Illustrator for the start of class this Thursday. I will review the completed document then take you over to the lab to make the laser product. 



Important applications, even if your pieces are simple. You will want to include all three techniques to make the most out of learning to use the laser cutting machine. The steps below show the Illustrator drawing, color line, black fill and line weight application for:
1. vector engraving 2. vector cutting and 3. raster engraving
-Please be sure to complete the steps below
even if your shapes are geometrical
-Only use vector drawings completed in Illustrator. Do not use 
jpg images, clipping masks, blends or pattern fills. Patterns must be strokes and fills.



Strokes, paths, anchor points, shapes, line width, artboard size, and color are all important to properly set up your document.


Please note:
There are two parts to this project.
1. Designing for your client.
The client should give the designer inspiration and some artistic license.
2. The Laser Wear project is largely about using laser methods in as many ways as possible.
All three techniques apply. Push yourself to think in less minimal ways. The pieces themselves can be simple, small (but not too small) and minimal but use drawings on the pieces to incorporate more. You want to show all you can do in the laser process. 

1. Sketchbook  Please show corrections, changes, and additions made to your designs
2. Computer with the completed Adobe Illustrator document. You won’t be able to work in class without it.
3. You materials you will use for laser cutting. Only bring what is approved by the Lab. Please see the list supplied in a link in the last post. Untreated craft wood is available at Blick and the Laser Lab store. Plexiglass in white, black, red and clear is available through the Laser Lab Store. Color plexiglass can be bought at Canal Plastics. The buttons and other items I showed in class can be bought at Pacific Trimming   Chains, links, cords, fabrics, and leather can be found at Michaels  (on 6th Avenue btw. 21 and 22nd St.) Trumart Discount Fabrics (here you have to bargain) Mood Fabrics ask for untreated, natural leather for the Laser Lab. Let the store know your requirements.



Please let me know if I can help in any way. 

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Welcome to our Drawing Through the Making Center blog!

USING THIS BLOG WEEKLY IS A REQUIRED TEACHING TOOL FOR STUDENTS TO HAVE AS PART OF THEIR PREPARATION AND GRADE. This blog is to keep you posted on all of your assignments, related announcements, examples of work, demonstrations, class lectures and more. Please check it twice a week for your reference. (The first posts for the week will be on Friday and the second post for the week with additional information will occur by Tuesday.) Samples of work for assignments, lecture slides, reference, and the handouts are posted before the projects begin. The student showcase of chosen class work will be updated regularly. Always check the blog before coming to class and print/bring handouts. You will see the due dates indicated in each post.

Email me as often as you need to for questions and

PLEASE LOOK AT ALL POSTS FOR HOMEWORK REQUIREMENTS, MATERIALS TO BRING NEXT CLASS, AND REFERENCE FOR YOUR PROJECTS. Also, study the presentations, student reference, vocabulary, and handouts for current assignments and review the grading link above for criteria.

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