For Week 9, Assignment 4: Myths and Legends-Printing the Story (Part 1) Greek Myths and Monotype Printmaking 3/29

Monotype examples

    It is essential to FINISH the Built Metropolis project by Wednesday of this week, March 28. Firing takes place once a week on Thursdays, therefore it has to be put on the shelf for firing by the morning of March 29th.
    I sent an email to people who were not in attendance for the clay making working session with instructions. Please let me know it was received and if you have questions. You will have to work outside of class to finish the project.
    I am available for assistance to all on Tuesday, March 27, for most of the day. Please let me know via email if you would like to meet in the Wet Lab on Tuesday. Please indicate your available times.


    A. COMPLETE A TWO PAGED SHORT READING on Nine of the Most Famous Greek Myths attached (here.) 

    B. Based on your choices from the readings, create two interpretative drawings on 8×10″ drawing paper (not in your sketchbooks). The pages must be loose to serve as tracings for your printing process.
    C. Once the two drawings are complete put them on tracing paper or scan and print them in reverse. This way the monoprints will not print out backwards when put through the printing press. 
  • Please note it is important to bring the MATERIALS LISTED BELOW for working in class! The more you bring, the more working options you will have.
    Old paintbrushes in two sizes

    -Several sheets of Newsprint
    Small pieces of Bristol board or flat found objects such as leaves or fabric. You will be cutting them and using them as stencils.
    -Cash money to pay for the printing plate ($3.00 per plate) Each student will have to buy their own.
    -3 sheets of rice, printmaking or watercolor paper 8×10″ in size. These specific papers are absorbent, strong and best suited for the process. One large sheet of printing paper can be cut up into several 8×10″ sizes.
    When you go to Blick, ask for the rice, printmaking, and watercolor paper prices to see what is the most affordable for you.
    If you buy BK Reeves paper (for example) and have some left over, we will be using it again in two weeks for the drypoint printmaking process.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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For Week 8, Assignment 3: Built Metropolis 3/15

Please read this post all the way to the bottom. CHANGE OF PLANSWe will meet in the classroom, on Thursday, NOT in the Ceramic & Wet Shop. Please be on time.

Examples of clay building structures

ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION: Each person will create two SMALL clay building structures. During the final presentation, they will all be placed together to form our own metropolis.

is on the Class Lectures page under the description.
From this, you can base your choices of architectural styles. It shows you a range of structures in the Village and their locations, architectural styles, and a brief history. FYI-In the middle of the linked page, you will find the New School with a brief history.

 This is pictured and linked on the Class Lectures page

The Village is in the neighborhood of the school and therefore convenient.
If you would like to choose another location in NYC or its boroughs, feel free.


To fulfill the requirements of the sticker project, please finalize and post on your LP by 3/12.

For the Built Metropolis project:
1. TEN PHOTOGRAPHS OF YOUR CHOSEN TWO ARCHITECTURAL STRUCTURES (five of each) taken in person (not from the web) showing visible sides of each building. You need to have the multiple views in order to create your sculptures made from clay this Thursday.
2. Finish TWO or MORE SKETCHES of your building designs based on the two structures. Please consider the design on all sides, function, and the clay material you will use. As this is the start and research for the project and not the critique, there is no need to print out the photos. You can show them on your phone or computer.
3. SOME ADDITIONAL RESEARCH on the architectural style of your two building choices.
 (Photos, sketches and a bit of research are due this Thursday)

1. Sketchbook
2. Ten Photos
3. Credit Card to Purchase Clay online on the spot. It can also be purchased ahead of time.  The bag of clay is $3.25. (link). There are four types and colors to choose from. You can share the bag with another classmate to save money or you can use mine which will give you only one type of clay to choose from.
No need to purchase the slip or tools. They will be supplied by the Wet Lab.

Link to the Ceramics/Wet Shop Information, Policy & Protocols

1. I will give a tutorial/demonstration on different techniques you can use to complete the project. It is important to be on time.  I won’t repeat the demonstration and there is limited time to work. The class starts promptly at 12:10 pm.
If you use your time wisely, you can finish the project during class. We will only work on the project for one day in class.

Because the hand-built clay needs to dry and be fired
-THE PROJECT IS DUE for presentation, WEEK 10, April 5

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For Week 7, Assignment 2: Transparent Illusion Critique and Introduction to Assignment 3 (3/8)

Please finish the Transparent Illusion sticker project for the final presentation.

Complete the formatted Illustrator document
-Send the file via email to the Graphics Lab
in time to receive the stickers by Wednesday of this week.
-Place the stickers on the areas of the chosen window(s).
-Take good quality photos of the setup to show as your final presentation.
Please take time to align the stickers and the scene through the window carefully when taking your photos. You want to create a convincing illusion.
Please be sure to use quality photo paper to print out your photos for the presentation.

Here is the document I went over in class in case you need the link again.
PDF with instructions for formatting and printing the stickers

-Preliminary drawings in your sketchbook
-Preliminary prototypes
-final drawings before printing for comparisons
-Photos of the final outcome of the stickers on windows

For the second part of the class, we will be going through the orientation in the Wet Lab to prepare for assignment 3. 

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Side note for an important issue:
If you did not take part in the school-wide Disrupt Climate Injustice week
Please click on this links to learn about climate change and its impact on victimized areas around the world

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For Week 6, Assignment 2: Transparent Illusion (3/1)


birds on window

Bird drawings on clear stickers adhered to a window

Ask yourself these questions:
-How would you create the illusion that images placed on a window are part of the scenery behind them? (For example, various birds are drawn and adhered to the glass, so they appear to be sitting on the branches of the trees seen through the window.)
-What subject matter would you create?
-How would you use your way of drawing lines and mark making? How heavy and dark do your lines need to be in order to show up?
-What dictates the subject matter? (You can draw anything you choose as long as there is a relationship to what you see through the window.)
-How would you determine the scale of the transparent drawings? (The prototypes will assist you) Please note, as indicated below, the sticker sheets are 28″ long x 3″ high at the minimum. If you choose a larger height, it will cost you more.

1. Choose any window of any size with any view you like best.
Create five black and white drawings in Illustrator, Photoshop or by hand.
These images will be translated into transparent stickers.
Prototype the drawings first by sketching them on top 
of tracing paper or other transparent paper and placing the pages onto the window.

 2. Please have the drawings scanned into your computer for working in class.

3. You will be given an hour of time in class to make revisions to your drawings. Please be sure to have a photo of the window so that I can review all of the elements you are putting together to make your final images.

-Your five black and white drawings to show in person (in addition to scanning them into your computer.
-A photo of the prototypes over your chosen window. 
(You can bring the prototypes in as well.)
-Your  computer with Adobe Illustrator
The cost is $6.00 for a sheet of 28″ x 3″. Larger sizes will cost more. Several drawings can fit on one strip. You can also share your sticker space with another student.
Please bring back any of the jewelry pieces you made or were given from your last project. (This is the last time)
I was asked by the Director of the FY program 
to showcase examples of the laser wear project for two weeks on the 5th floor after he looked at photos of your impressive projects on out Student Showcase blog page. This is a great opportunity for your work to be seen by other students, faculty and tour groups. After the two weeks, the jewelry will be returned to you. Thank you!

You can always ask me questions via email for clarity.

PDF with instructions for formatting and printing the stickers

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For Week 5, Assignment 2: Transparent Illusion (2/22)

1. Please finish the Laser Wear project.  All corrections should be applied.

2.What would you put in front of a window and why? This question is a peek into the next project which will be introduced in our next class. Choose a subject matter such as an object or person who could appear in a scene in front of a window or through a window and bring it in. A photograph taken by you will do.

Please note, it is important to bring the supplies listed below for working in class! 

-Your Laser Wear Jewelry possessed by you or your client even if you did not make changes.
-2 sheets from your
 Strathmore 300 Series Drawing Pad, 18″ x 24″ 
-Blick’s Black Cat brand waterproof India ink: $3.65
-Any black sharpies and drawing pens you have

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For Week 4, Assignment 1: Laser Wear Final Presentation (2/15)

Please finish and bring all parts of the project for the FINAL CRITIQUE
Our special guest from two weeks ago will take part in the critique to give you some professional feedback.

It is essential to have all jewelry completely finished with all parts put together and ready to be worn by the client/student for who you created the design at the start of class. 

1. Your paper prototype 2. materials you used to laser cut (extra pieces) and put the parts together (such as links, cords, etc.) 3. your computer with the Illustrator document for the design 4. your sketchbook with drawings for the project  5. Any pieces that show mistakes and were not used for the final outcome (visually explains the learning process)  5. Your final piece(s) of jewelry in a necklace or bracelet format**You will use these items to show and talk about during the crit

PROJECT CRIT-not to miss or you will fail the project

You will need to bring your computer for posting on your Learning Portfolio during class.

If you have read all the way through the post and prepared for the crit, you are all set.

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