For Week 3, Assignment 1: Laser Wear (2/10)

For our next class, we will meet in the Laser Lab at the start of class. Please arrive between 12 – 12:10.
Location: 25 E. 13th, 4th floor

Please read and review this post all the way to the bottom to be sure you include everything that is required for the assignment.
Here is the link to a page with several tutorials on using Illustrator to help you create the assignment.

1. For those who have not done so, attend the Laser Lab orientation by Wednesday.
2. Please have your chosen design(s) completed in Illustrator for the start of class on Thursday. Upload your ai document onto Canvas. Please do not submit a jpeg or pdf file. Use the naming conventions laser wear_your

3. With your partner, decide who will work on their laser cutting project first. We are meeting at the Laser Lab. Please note, all student documents will be reviewed before the end of class.

Critical applications, even if your pieces are simple. You should include all three techniques to make the most out of learning to use the laser cutting process. The steps below show the Illustrator drawing, color line, black fill, and line weight applications for:
1. vector engraving 2. vector cutting and 3. raster engraving
-Please be sure to complete the steps below,
even if your shapes are geometrical.
-Only use vector drawings created in Illustrator. Do not use 
jpg images, clipping masks, blends, or pattern fills. Patterns must be strokes and fills.

Examples of Illustrator documents setup with three cutting techniques. Note the duplication of pieces in various sizes.

Strokes, paths, anchor points, shapes, line width, artboard size, and color are all essential to properly set up your document.

Please note:
There are two parts to this project.
1. Designing for your client.
The client should give the designer inspiration and some artistic license.
2. The Laser Wear project which is about using laser cutting methods in as many ways as possible.
  Push yourself to think in less minimal ways. The pieces themselves can be simple, small (but not too small), and minimal but use drawings on the parts to incorporate more. You want to show all you can do in the laser process. 

1. Sketchbook  Please show corrections, changes, and additions made to your designs
2. Computer with the completed Adobe Illustrator document. You won’t be able to work in class without it.
3. You materials you will use for laser cutting. Only bring what is approved by the Lab. Please see the list supplied in a link in the last post. Untreated craft wood is available at Blick and the Laser Lab store. Plexiglass is available through the Laser Lab Store. Color plexiglass can be bought at Canal Plastics (you can buy small sheets to save money.) Buttons and other items can be purchased at Pacific Trimming   Chains, links, cords, fabrics, and leather and other supplies can be found at Michaels  (on 6th Avenue btw. 21 and 22nd St.) Trumart Discount Fabrics (there you have to bargain) Mood Fabrics ask for untreated, natural leather for the Laser Lab. Let the store know your requirements.

I have several pieces of untreated craft wood, which I can bring to class for anyone who should need them. (Please let me know) I will also bring jump rings and other attachments for you to take.



Please let me know if I can help in any way. 

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