For Week 13, Assignment 5 – Final Project (4/27)

Transparent Illusion
1. Finalize all: Illustrator document submission on Canvas, printed stickers, printed photos showing stickers on window view for the start of class.

Antipathy or Admiration: Creating a Response
2. Continue revising your final project proposal. Consider the comments provided by your group during our last class and my remarks in Canvas. If any changes are made to your original ideas, the proposal must be adjusted. The revised version is due April 28.
3. Complete at least 30% of your final project for homework. Now that you have decided on your process/medium, Please arrange to work in your chosen medium during our next class. You have two more classes to work on your final project. The final is due for presentation on May 12.

1. Sketchbook
2. Your proposal for your reference.
3. Your final project in progress 
4. Materials to continue the making process during class

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