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Week 15, Assignment 5: Antipathy or Admiration – Creating A Response, Final Presentation (5/7)

***ASSIGNMENTS BELOW FOR THE CRITIQUE (graded on LP and oral presentations) –Finalize your project. Please follow the guidelines below to complete the presentation requirements. –USE THE DOCUMENT “THE PROVIDED PROMPTS.” linked below under “TO REVIEW” as the format for your LP … Continue reading

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For Week 14, Assignment 5 – Transparent Illusion: Inside Out Sticker Presentation and the Final Project (4/23)

  TWO HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS 1. Finish the Transparent Illusion: Inside Out sticker project. Create two images. See the link to the demonstration video under Reference. 2. Finish 30% of your final project and complete your proposal. _______________________________________________________ Homework Assignment #1-Transparent Illusion: … Continue reading

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For Week 12, Assignment 3: Built Metropolis Final Presentation 4/16 – LP POST IS DUE 4/15

(I sent a message via email with instructions) To Embed Images, a second way: Please avoid using links to videos from external places. Instead, embed it on the surface of your post. If you made a video and placed it … Continue reading

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