For Week 10, Assignment 3: Built Metropolis Final Presentation on your LP- 4/7

For the critique, please know the name, location, and history of your building reference. Remember we will review your structure on all sides (360 degrees).
Bring all parts of the project for the FINAL PRESENTATION
Our special guest Aviva Shulem will take part in the critique to give you professional feedback. Miss Shulem will need to see all the steps of your process.

1. To prepare for the critique study the CLAY TERMS and HAND BUILDING TECHNIQUES on the Vocabulary page (LINK) 
3. Prepare your LP post ahead of time to use during the presentation. Please use the prompts and examples. Share it on Canvas before class.
2. Obtain your bisque ware from the shelves in the Ceramics Shop firing room on Thursday morning, April 7, before class. Process-Your work will be taken from the bisque shelf on Tuesday, placed into the kiln for firing then taken out and put on a shelf in the firing room. Allow enough time to go to the firing room on Thursday, pick up your work and get to class by 12:10.

1. Your finalized and bisque fired structure
2. Have your LP post shared (presentation slides of sorts) ready for presenting.


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