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USING THIS BLOG WEEKLY IS A REQUIRED TOOL FOR STUDENTS TO HAVE AS PART OF THEIR PREPARATION AND GRADE. This blog is to keep you posted on all of your assignments, related announcements, examples of work, demonstrations, class lectures, and more. Please check it twice a week for your reference. (The first posts for the week will be on Thursday, and the second post for the week with additional information will occur by Tuesday.) Samples of work for assignments, lecture slides, reference, and handouts are linked in the posts.  Always check the blog before coming to class and review the complete information. Make sure you have the listed materials in hand. You will see the due dates indicated in each post.

Email me as often as you need to for questions and clarificationbradshaa@newschool.edu

PLEASE LOOK AT ALL POSTS FOR HOMEWORK REQUIREMENTS, MATERIALS TO BRING NEXT CLASS, AND REFERENCE FOR YOUR PROJECTS. Also, study the presentations, student reference, vocabulary, and handouts for current assignments and review the grading link above for criteria.
The homework post is below.

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Assistant Professor Associate Director First Year First Year Electives Coordinator Parsons The New School for Design Professional editorial and children's book Illustrator. Creator of custom made clothing and accessories line.
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