For Week 14, Assignment 5 – Transparent Illusion: Inside Out Sticker Presentation and the Final Project (4/23)


1. Finish the Transparent Illusion: Inside Out sticker project. Create two images.
 See the link to the demonstration video under Reference.
2. Finish 30% of your final project and complete your proposal.
Homework Assignment #1-Transparent Illusion: Outside In
Consider transparency, placement, scale, two images, and the surface the sticker is attached.
Ask yourself these questions:
-What would you bring from the outside into your current world?
-Why does it serve as a sticker?
-Where would you place it inside your home?

(due Thursday, 4/30, the start of class)

1. Watch the 1-minute demonstration video for the project all the way through to have a clear understanding of the assignment. (The video has narration/sound)

2. Choose surfaces in your home where you would not mind attaching a sticker (For example – the back of a sketchbook, sketchbook pages, a board in your room, etc.)

3. Choose subject matter (such as people, places, or things), which could serve as a sticker. CREATE AT LEAST TWO IMAGES. Each will be shown at the start of class. (If you created one during class, you only need to create one other.) The images can be in black lines and any color medium you have at home. 

4. Decide if you would like to draw your two concepts directly on the sticker paper OR complete the two drawings using Illustrator and print out the sticker paper.

5. Complete the assignment by cutting out the stickers and placing them on to a surface, so we see what you want to make a part of your life. Upload the two photos and Illustrator documents on Canvas before the start of class.



-Medium weight permanent black sharpie
-Two sheets of sticker paper (included in the package I mailed to you-hopefully)

-Adobe Illustrator
-Adobe Acrobat
-A black and white inkjet printer
(if you have one) If not, you can draw by hand
-scissors or cutting knife
cutting board
-the color medium of your choice



Homework Assignment #2- Antipathy or Admiration: Creating a Response
1. Continue revising your final project proposal. Consider the comments provided by your group during our last class. If any changes are made to your original ideas, the proposal must be adjusted. The revised version is due April 30.
3. Complete at least 30% of your final project for homework. Now that you have decided on your process/medium, Please arrange to work in your chosen medium during the total time of our next class. You only have one more class to work on you final project. The final is due for presentation on May 7.

1. Sketchbook
2. Your proposal for your reference.
3. Your final project in progress 
4. Materials to continue the making process during class

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