For Week 13, Assignment 4 – Transparent Illusion: Inside Out (4/23)

1. Finish the Transparent Illusion: Inside Out.
See the link to the demonstration video under Reference.
2. Start your final project by completing a proposal. See the bottom of this post for the proposal template.
Homework Assignment #1-Transparent Illusion: Inside Out
Consider transparency, scale, placement, and perspective.
Ask yourself these questions:
-How would you create the illusion that images placed on a window are part of the scenery behind them?
-What subject matter would you create?
-How would you use your way of drawing lines and mark-making? How heavy and dark do your lines need to be to show up? Can you fill in black areas to create an impact? (see the images in the demo video and student reference examples. Both are linked below.)
-What dictates the subject matter? (You can draw anything you choose as long as there is a relationship to what you see through the window.)
-How would you determine the scale of the transparent drawings?

(due Thursday, 4/23, the start of class)

1. Watch the 5-minute demonstration video for the project all the way through to have a clear understanding of the assignment.

2. Choose two or three windows in your home with appealing views.

3. Choose subject matter such as an object or person, which could appear as if it were part of the scenery behind a window. Come up with 3 images. Each will be used for the final. Complete the preliminary drawings in your sketchbook. The images should be in black and white line (for PRINTING on acetate) or silhouette (for DRAWING on acetate BY HAND.)
Keep in mind your images will be placed on the transparent acetate

4. Decide if you would like to draw your three concepts directly on a part of the acetate with the marker OR complete the three drawings using Illustrator and print them on the acetate.

5. Complete the assignment by taping the acetate pieces on your windows and taking photos, so we have a view into your perception of the world around you. Upload the photos and Illustrator document on Canvas before the start of class.



-Medium weight permanent black sharpie
A sheet of acetate (included in the package I mailed to you) Cut the size to 8 1/2 x 11″ if you are using your printer.
-Clear scotch tape

-Adobe Illustrator
-Adobe Acrobat
-A black and white inkjet printer
(if you have one) If not, you can draw by hand
Straight edge
-Smartphone camera


Homework Assignment #2-Proposal for your final project
1. Write or type a brief proposal using the categories on the
Overview of the open-ended assignment-Based on any concept and way of making, create an interpretation that reflects either a positive (Example: my current situation heightens my creative nature) or an adverse reaction (Example: I can’t wait for quarantine to be over.)
You can choose to use clay (if you have any left), graphic design, printmaking at home (a demo will be provided), or whatever you have access to at home.
We will discuss the proposals for the final project during the second 1/2 of the next class.

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