For Week 11, Assignment 3: Built Metropolis – continued 4/9 HOMEWORK IS DUE 4/7


We will meet in our Zoom classroom. At the start of class, I will show examples by contemporary professional artists for inspiration and give instructions on how to complete the reductive and additive processes of your project, how to fix cracks and broken pieces, how to re-wet your clay and add wet pieces to dry clay.

1. Upload 1-2 images of your work in progress from our last class. Place them on the Discussion page in Canvas.

2. Comment on the work of three other students on the Discussion page in Canvas. If you see that someone has fewer responses than others, choose the person as one of your three.

The focus of your comments:
1. Tell the clay builder what your first impression is of the structure. Use CLAY TERMS AND HANDBUILDING TECHNIQUES  when you speak about the work.
2. Ask one question of the artist.
3. Make one suggestion.
The discussion assignment is DUE BY 10:00 pm, TUESDAY, April 7. I will make comments the following day.

-The demonstration video I showed in class
Clay terms and hand-building techniques

1. Sketchbook with drawings of your building designs
2. Photos of your chosen structure from different angles to use as references.
3. The start of your project
4. Modeling tools from home
5. Leftover clay
6. Light-weight piece of cardboard

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