For Week 10, Assignment 3: Built Metropolis 4/2

Please read this post all the way to the bottom.
We will meet in our online classroom, Zoom. The link will be sent to you on the morning of class.
Have your set-up in place on a table in your home. Please note: Class begins on time, 12:10 EST. During class, we will go over the clay project and how we will proceed with the rest of the semester online. 

ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION: Each person will create 1 or 2 small clay built structures influenced by chosen architecture over two weeks. Your structures need not duplicate their reference. You can base your two choices of architectural styles on wherever you are in the world! The making process will incorporate hand-building techniques.
The final size can be from 4″ –  7″ in height and width.
The project due date is April 16.

EXAMPLES OF PREVIOUS PROJECTS Here you will find all the steps for the project, including examples of photos, sketches, research, final projects.

HOMEWORK for submission on Canvas, due Wednesday, April 1:
1. Take or research five photographs of each of your two architectural structures. You can use the ones you submitted for our previous class at Parsons, or you can start with new references. Choose from personal photos or ones you have found on the web. Make sure the images show visible sides of each building. You need to have multiple views to create a 3d object. In the end, you will create one or both of the two architecture references. Keep in mind what best suits the project, your interests, and the time constraints.
**Place them in a folder on your desktop labeled “Built Metropolis” or “Clay Project,” so everything is easy to find.

3. Two or more concept sketches in pen or pencil of your building designs based on your two chosen structures. Please draw your designed structure from all sides. Think about the function and the clay material you will use. 

4. Research (brief notes in your sketchbook) on the architectural style and history of your two building choices and their locations. **Take bright photos of the sketchbook pages and have them on your desktop in the same folder as your photos.

(If you have NEW photo references, concept sketches with research notes OR did not submit the homework before, all are due this coming Wednesday, April 1, at 10:00 pm. Upload them all to Canvas the night before class or sooner to give enough time for my review.) 

Have everything ready and laid out on the table in front of you by 12:10 at the latest
1. A protected tabletop large enough for your making process. cover table with items such as wax paper, silicone baking mats, plastic cutting board or vinyl placemats. Something you won’t mess up and can wipe off more easily.
2. Clay you purchased
3. Tools you find at home. Look at the picture of the clay tools above on the left. Select items in your home that replicate their functions and serve as substitutions.
The photo in the middle and on the right shows examples of what you will need and other objects that are suggestions. You will need an x-acto knife, paper clip, sponge, ruler, plastic butter knife, plastic fork, wooden tool, rolling pin or bottle, cardboard tube (to wrap the clay around), a piece of paper, newsprint paper, airtight container, Ziploc plastic bag, cling film, aluminum foil
(to stuff inside the clay), a container of water, paper towels, old cloth towel you can mess up.

You can choose to add other found objects. For example- (a wide-tooth hair comb, something with texture to press into the clay-like a key or button, smooth wooden stick, small rubber kitchen spatula, safety pin), or whatever you come up with. You don’t need to buy any special tools.


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