Week 15, Assignment 5: Antipathy or Admiration – Creating A Response, Final Presentation (5/9)

For the critique – in addition to coming in with a finished project, please follow the guidelines on the top of the Class Lectures page – Preparing for the final class (LINK)  to complete the presentation requirements.
You need only to bring in the actual project. All process materials will be presented during the crit from the post for the final project on your Learning Portfolio.


  1. To prepare for the critique please think about a strong concept, visual readability, scale, color, material and methods, vocabulary learned from our class. Include your research and viewpoint.
  2. Consider how you want the project presented. Think beyond just pinning it up on a wall. Create a professional visual presentation. For example, place your work on a presentation board or in a frame. Freestanding 3d work will be placed on covered desks.
  4. Create a post for the final project on your Learning Portfolio by Thursday at 11:30 am., complete with the steps within the project, written reflection, and visual process. Please review the prompts at the bottom of the page here. You will project the content within your Learning Portfolio post in addition to showing the physical final project during the critique. Only post jpegs, not pdf links, onto your Learning Portfolio. You can create the LP post for your presentation as a slide show if you choose.

1. Your physical final project to show in person
2. A link to your post on your LP (you can post the link on Canvas)

  Email me if you need anything.

I look forward to seeing your final projects! I know they will be fabulous!

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