Week 14, Assignment 5: Antipathy or Admiration – Creating A Response, continued (5/2)


Installation from The Long Run exhibition Geta Brătescu, Medea’s Hypostases III, 1980 The Museum of Modern Art, New York

1. Continue revising your final project proposal. Consider the comments provided by your group during class. I will share observations based on my read of the proposals you emailed to me, by Saturday. If any changes are made to your original ideas, the proposal must be adjusted. The revised version is due April 29. Your early submissions and revisions will allow me the opportunity and time to make responses to your proposals so you can get started on your assignment before our next class. We won’t need to spend time reviewing your proposal during our next class. Instead, you can use the time to work further on your projects.

2. Complete your Learning Portfolio post for the Myths and Legends Project. You have to provide the link to the post on Canvas by Thursday, May 2nd at the latest.
Please review the prompts at the bottom of the page here. In your post, include photos of your work in progress, sketches, etching plates, the finished project prints, and answers to all of the prompts. Scan the prints separately, so they appear in the highest quality on your Learning Portfolio. Be sure the photos of your sketches and etching plates are taken in good lighting such as next to a window during the day.

3. Complete at least 1/3 of your final project for homework and make arrangements to work in your Making Center lab of choice. Now that you have decided on your process/medium (laser cut, stickers, clay, drypoint) Please arrange to work in your chosen lab during the total time of our next class.  In other words, if you are creating etchings, you will be working on the press in our classroom.  You can work in the Ceramics Shop on your clay project and in the Design Lab on your sticker work-no appointments needed. If you choose to laser cut, you need to schedule an appointment with the Laser Lab for our class time as soon as possible.
*If you are making stickers have them completed and submitted in time to have them printed before the final day of class on May 9. Please visit the Design Lab for information on turn around time.
*If you are working in clay, consider the time needed for the clay to dry before it is bisque fired. You would have to complete your project by Friday, April 3 at the latest in order for it to be dry enough to fire on the following Tuesday.

You can review examples of past student final projects (here)

1. Sketchbook
2. Your proposal for your reference
3. Your final project in progress 
4. Materials to continue the making process during class
For example-computer, preliminary drawings, plexiglass, clay, printmaking paper, laser cutting surface. Again, let me know what I can provide for you before Wednesday. I will need time to make purchases.

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