Week 13, Assignment 5: Antipathy or Admiration – Creating A Response (4/25)

Installation from The Long Run exhibition
Joan Jonas, Reanimation, 2010-13
The Museum of Modern Art, New York

1. Prepare for a short presentation and critique of the printmaking assignment. Bring all process drawings, printing plates, and final prints. We will need to see all of the etching prints you created (both good and bad) to review the changes and improvements. Be prepared to discuss your making process and concepts for your myth and legend images. Make sure you are familiar with the titles and stories you chose to interpret.

2. Prepare for your final project (20% of your grade.) Visit the MoMA to see the “The Long Run” exhibition by Weds. of this week, 4/24. Location-53rd and 6th – Hours 10:30-5:30 every day. Admission is free for Parsons students. Bring your ID. Bring your ticket to class as proof of your visit.
Respond either positively or negatively (defined) to one body of work, artist, technique, material.  Decide what, why, how the work pleases or displeases you.  Appealing or unappealing? Consider the culture at large-social, politics, economics, spiritual, science, invention, discovery, history, age, gender, class, profession, etc.
Create something that responds to the artwork. No need to mimic the style.

While at the museum, take notes, photos and make sketches in your sketchbook to prepare your research. 

3. Fill out the proposal form (linked here) Print out two typed copies to share in class.

4. Decide on one process/medium (laser cut, stickers, clay, drypoint) you experienced during the semester in our course. We will have access to a printing press during class. (I can meet with you at a scheduled time to use the printing press between classes.) You can work in the ceramics lab and graphics lab without appointments. If you choose to laser cut, you need to schedule an appointment.

1. Sketchbook with notes, preliminary drawings for the final, entry ticket from the museum
2. Reference photos of your chosen artwork
3. Two typed copies of your completed proposal form
4. Materials to begin the making process during class
For example-computer, preliminary drawings, plexiglass, clay, printmaking paper, laser cutting surface. Let me know what I can provide for you before Wednesday. I will need time to make purchases.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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