For Week 8, Assignment 3: Built Metropolis 3/14


The class metropolis

Please read this post all the way to the bottom.
We will meet in the classroom,
drop off our things and travel to the Ceramic & Wet Shop. 

ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION: Each person will create one small clay building structure. During the final presentation, they will all be placed together to form our own metropolis. Reference for project examples.

is on the Class Lectures page under the description.
From this link, you can base your two choices of architectural styles. It shows you a range of structures in the Village and their locations, architectural styles, and a brief history. FYI-In the middle of the linked page, you may be interested to find the New School with a brief history.

 This is pictured and linked on the Class Lectures page
The Village is in the neighborhood of the school and therefore convenient.
If you would like to choose another location in NYC or its boroughs, feel free.

1. Complete your Learning Portfolio post for the Transparent Illusion ProjectYou have to submit the link to the post on Canvas by Thursday, March 14th at the latest.
Please review the prompts at the bottom of the page here. In your post, include photos of the materials and sketches you showed during the presentation – the final photographs, the acetate prototype, sketches, stickers and answers to all of the prompts.  I collected all of your items shown for presentation. If you don’t have documentation of something I collected and you need it for your LP post, please let me know.

2. Take five photographs of each of your two architectural structures. Take them in person (not from the web) showing visible sides of each building. You need to have multiple views to create a 3d object. You do not need to print out the photos. You can show them on your phone.

3. Two concept sketches in pen or pencil of your building designs based on your two chosen structures. Please consider the design on all sides, function, and the clay material you will use. 

4. Research (brief notes in your sketchbook) on the architectural style and history of your two building choices.
(Photos, sketches and a bit of research are due this Thursday)

I checked with the ceramic lab again, and they are still out of the 5-pound bags of clay. Therefore, you won’t be able to purchase clay online before class.
Please bring your money with you to class, preferably cash, and I will provide you with the clay. The cost will be $3.00 per person.
No need to purchase the slip or tools. They will be supplied by me.

1. Sketchbook
2. Five Photos of each structure to use as references
3. $3.00 for the purchase of clay

Link to the Ceramics/Wet Shop Information, Policy & Protocols

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