For Week 5, Assignment 2: Transparent Illusion (2/21)

1. For those who held on to their Laser Wear projects, please submit with changes by the next class. For those who turned them in, I will hand them back to you at the start of class. You will still be able to make adjustments if needed.

2. Complete your Learning Portfolio post for the Laser Wear Project. You have to submit the link to the post on Canvas by Wednesday, February 20th at the latest.
Please review the prompts and examples of other posts for the project, at the bottom of the page here. In your post, include photos of the materials and sketches you laid out on the pedestal during the presentation, the finished jewelry, the client wearing the jewelry and answers to all of the prompts (in the handout given to you during class.) Be sure your photos are taken in good lighting.

3. Choose subject matter such as an object or person which could appear as if it were part of the scenery behind a window. Come up with 5 ideas. Complete the preliminary drawings in your sketchbook. The images should be in black and white line or silhouette.
Keep in mind they will be printed on transparent stickers for the final outcome.

You can review some examples created by past students here.

TO BRING for working in class:
-Any black sharpies and drawing pens you have
-The reference you would like to use for your sticker drawings

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