Final Project – ADVERSE ANTIPATHY Critique and Parting Party!

**I want to remind you that we have a guest coming in take part in the critique. 
His name is Jim Osman. He is a teacher and well-known exhibiting fine artist in the areas of installation, painting, and sculpture.

Please read all the way to the bottom of the post to be adequately prepared.


  • There are just a few of you who have not completed the course evaluations. Please do so. We all greatly appreciate it.
  • If you have changed anything regarding your proposal or direction of your final project please email me to let me know.
  • Please think about a strong concept, visual readability, scale, color and utilize material and methods learned from our class.
    Also, think about how you want the project to look if it were shown in a group show at the MoMA.
  • Finalize your project in two parts or more.
  • Practice your 5-8 minute oral presentation using THE HANDOUT I GAVE YOU as prompts.
  • Create a post for the final project on your Learning Portfolio before class complete with the steps within the project, written reflection, and visual process. We will project your jpeg images from your Learning Portfolio in addition to showing the physical final project during the critique. Only post jpegs, not pdf links, onto your Learning Portfolio.
  • For the printmaking project, post your favorite image from the series on your Learning Portfolio, briefly explain the story content and your printing process or use of mixed media.


  • Your physical final project to show in person (The Learning Portfolio post is a supplement, not a substitute.)
  • I will bring forks, knives, tablecloth, and cups. Bring any food or drink you would like to contribute to our party. 

 ***Come prepared to share your bias, response, process, changes, research, viewpoint, materials, and methods.
(Again, here is the oral presentation guide with prompts to help you prepare)

 Email me at any time with questions or if you want any feedback. I will respond right away.

I look forward to seeing your projects!

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