Week 13, Assignment 5: Myths and Legends Final Presentation, Preparation for the Final Project (4/26)

Please note: Missing a crit results in a failing grade for the presentation.

(On Thursday we will meet in the same location as our previous class, 66 5th Avenue, Room 720)

A. Bring in all five parts of the monotype and etching project. See the list below. (I will bring back the mixed media and drypoint prints.)
B. Prepare, type and print out the proposal for your final project before class.
Use the categories placed on the template I gave you in class. Open this link to the PROPOSAL TEMPLATE and GUIDELINES. Review the link to the PROJECT DESCRIPTION I gave you at the MoMA.

FINAL PROJECT ASSIGNMENT: Remember the two or more part project is a reaction to one or two artists and their artwork viewed at the MoMA. You must choose a piece of work that affected you in a negative, repulsive way. How would you recreate the artwork to make it more pleasing and meaningful? It doesn’t have to resemble the original pieces in any way.

For example:
-Choose an artist that works in a style, spirit or manner you dislike
-Choose an artist whose way of working is boring or irrelevant, too easy or simple, considered inept, pointless or ugly in your eyes
-Choose an artist who is missing some element you consider essential to good art or good drawing
-Choose an artist whose work is made out of materials you consider unacceptable
    1. monotype prints and mixed media
    drypoint prints
    3. drypoint plexiglass printing plate
    ALL four of your myths and legends preparatory sketches/drawings even if they were not used for the final prints. The four preliminary sketches/drawings include: 
    4. interpretation sketches for two of the Greek Myths (monotype assignment)
    5. interpretation drawings for two of the Native American Legends (drypoint assignment)
    You will want to obtain credit for all of your process efforts by showing and handing them in.
    I will bring back your mixed-media and drypoint prints.
    One hour of class time will be used to start on your final project. Please be fully prepared to make the most of the time.
    1. Hand in your typed proposal with two sketches completed before
    not during class.
    2. Bring your materials to work during class.
    For example:
    1. Drawing paper and drawing tools to create preliminary images for monotypes or drypoints
    2. Drawing materials, computer with Adobe Illustrator document for laser cutting
    3. Drawings, computer with Adobe Illustrator for Vinyl printing

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know via email. I always welcome your communication.

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