For Week 12, Assignment 4: Myths and Legends-Printing the Story (Part 2) Native American Legends and Drypoint Printmaking 4/19

Drypoint examples

PAST STUDENT WORK from a different drypoint assignment

    A. COMPLETE A TWO PAGED SHORT READING on Seven of the Most Popular Legends attached (here.) 
    B. Based on your choices from the readings, create two interpretative drawings on 11×14″ drawing paper (not in your sketchbooks.) The pages must be loose to serve as tracings for your printing process. NOTE: The paper requirement is much larger than for the monotypes due to having to be LARGER than your plexiglass plate. Be sure to cut it to size ahead of time. We won’t have a place to cut it.
    C. Once the two drawings are complete, put them on tracing paper or scan and print them in reverse. This way the drypoint will not print out backward when put through the printing press.
  • Please note it is important to bring the MATERIALS LISTED BELOW for working in class! 
    -The plexiglass printing plate you used for the monotype. VERY IMPORTANT to bring it back!! Each student will need to have their own.
    -2 sheets of printmaking paper 11×14″ in size. One large sheet of printing paper can be cut up into two 11 x 14″ sizes.
    When you go to Blick ask for printmaking prices to see what is the most affordable for you. Let them know that you will be doing drypoint so that the paper is smooth.
    You can buy BK Reeves or Arches, for example. z
  • See the top of the class lectures page for more information on the relevancy of monotypes, drypoints and what defines and monoprint.
  • IMPORTANT!!: We are going to be a part of an exhibition for both sections of our course. Both classes will have work in the Book Arts Center which has a window facing out to 5th Ave.
    –Please bring back all of the clay buildings you made from your last project.
    Yesterday, We were asked by the Dean of Parsons to showcase examples of the clay project for 10 days. It is an exhibition of work that came out of the Making Center after the fire. This is a great opportunity for your work to be seen by other students, faculty tour groups and from the street. When the exhibition comes down, the buildings will be returned to you. Thank you!
  • This Thursday, give me an idea of what you plan to create for your final project as a response to chosen works and the MoMA. Have at least two sketches showing your plans. We will be discussing the topic individually while you work in class.



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