For Week 11, Assignment 5: Final Project-MoMA Museum Visit (4/12)

  • HOMEWORK due this coming Thursday:
    We gave our full attention to the Built Metropolis critique last week, and there was not enough room in our small space to work on any other projects. Therefore, there was a change of plan, and I assigned the mixed media project for homework.
    1. To fulfill the requirements of the clay project, please finalize and post on your Learning Portfolio by 3/9.
    In case you need the questions again for your post:
    -What is a short overview of the assignment and your personal purpose?

    -What was your process? (Include visuals of the sketches, notes, photos and the final outcome on all sides) Prototypes and digital applications were not required for this project.
    -Explain how you went about completing the project and what tools applied.
    -What did you focus on? Concept? Goal?
    -How did the project change as you went along?
    2. Monotype and mixed media project – Use any mixed media you choose. For example, paint, color pencils, pastels, pen and ink, glue, collage materials made out of paper, cloth and other.
    Think about what works best to enhance your monotype, yet not take away from its original state. Apply the mixed media to one of your prints. Leave the other two in their original state as pure monotypes.

    We will visit the MoMA ON THURSDAY to prepare for the final project. You will travel there on your own. Therefore, we will meet in the Museum entrance. Please arrive by 12:30.
    11 West 53 Street, New York, NY 10019
    Please enter at 18 West 54 Street

    TRAIN: Take the F train from 6th Avenue and 14th Street, uptown and get off at the 57th Street station.
    Walk down to 54th street.

    1. Your sketchbook for sketches and note taking, pencils, and your DSLR camera or smartphone camera for the trip.

    2. Your mixed-media monotype homework
    so that I can collect them.   

***No need to bring your computer to our next class.   

Let me know if you have any questions. See you at the museum!

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