For Week 7, Assignment 2: Transparent Illusion Critique and Introduction to Assignment 3 (3/8)

Please finish the Transparent Illusion sticker project for the final presentation.

Complete the formatted Illustrator document
-Send the file via email to the Graphics Lab
in time to receive the stickers by Wednesday of this week.
-Place the stickers on the areas of the chosen window(s).
-Take good quality photos of the setup to show as your final presentation.
Please take time to align the stickers and the scene through the window carefully when taking your photos. You want to create a convincing illusion.
Please be sure to use quality photo paper to print out your photos for the presentation.

Here is the document I went over in class in case you need the link again.
PDF with instructions for formatting and printing the stickers

-Preliminary drawings in your sketchbook
-Preliminary prototypes
-final drawings before printing for comparisons
-Photos of the final outcome of the stickers on windows

For the second part of the class, we will be going through the orientation in the Wet Lab to prepare for assignment 3. 

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