For Week 6, Assignment 2: Transparent Illusion (3/1)


birds on window

Bird drawings on clear stickers adhered to a window

Ask yourself these questions:
-How would you create the illusion that images placed on a window are part of the scenery behind them? (For example, various birds are drawn and adhered to the glass, so they appear to be sitting on the branches of the trees seen through the window.)
-What subject matter would you create?
-How would you use your way of drawing lines and mark making? How heavy and dark do your lines need to be in order to show up?
-What dictates the subject matter? (You can draw anything you choose as long as there is a relationship to what you see through the window.)
-How would you determine the scale of the transparent drawings? (The prototypes will assist you) Please note, as indicated below, the sticker sheets are 28″ long x 3″ high at the minimum. If you choose a larger height, it will cost you more.

1. Choose any window of any size with any view you like best.
Create five black and white drawings in Illustrator, Photoshop or by hand.
These images will be translated into transparent stickers.
Prototype the drawings first by sketching them on top 
of tracing paper or other transparent paper and placing the pages onto the window.

 2. Please have the drawings scanned into your computer for working in class.

3. You will be given an hour of time in class to make revisions to your drawings. Please be sure to have a photo of the window so that I can review all of the elements you are putting together to make your final images.

-Your five black and white drawings to show in person (in addition to scanning them into your computer.
-A photo of the prototypes over your chosen window. 
(You can bring the prototypes in as well.)
-Your  computer with Adobe Illustrator
The cost is $6.00 for a sheet of 28″ x 3″. Larger sizes will cost more. Several drawings can fit on one strip. You can also share your sticker space with another student.
Please bring back any of the jewelry pieces you made or were given from your last project. (This is the last time)
I was asked by the Director of the FY program 
to showcase examples of the laser wear project for two weeks on the 5th floor after he looked at photos of your impressive projects on out Student Showcase blog page. This is a great opportunity for your work to be seen by other students, faculty and tour groups. After the two weeks, the jewelry will be returned to you. Thank you!

You can always ask me questions via email for clarity.

PDF with instructions for formatting and printing the stickers

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