For Week 5, Assignment 2: Transparent Illusion (2/22)

1. Please finish the Laser Wear project.  All corrections should be applied.

2.What would you put in front of a window and why? This question is a peek into the next project which will be introduced in our next class. Choose a subject matter such as an object or person who could appear in a scene in front of a window or through a window and bring it in. A photograph taken by you will do.

Please note, it is important to bring the supplies listed below for working in class! 

-Your Laser Wear Jewelry possessed by you or your client even if you did not make changes.
-2 sheets from your
 Strathmore 300 Series Drawing Pad, 18″ x 24″ 
-Blick’s Black Cat brand waterproof India ink: $3.65
-Any black sharpies and drawing pens you have

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