For Week 4, Assignment 1: Laser Wear Final Presentation (2/15)

Please finish and bring all parts of the project for the FINAL CRITIQUE
Our special guest from two weeks ago will take part in the critique to give you some professional feedback.

It is essential to have all jewelry completely finished with all parts put together and ready to be worn by the client/student for who you created the design at the start of class. 

1. Your paper prototype 2. materials you used to laser cut (extra pieces) and put the parts together (such as links, cords, etc.) 3. your computer with the Illustrator document for the design 4. your sketchbook with drawings for the project  5. Any pieces that show mistakes and were not used for the final outcome (visually explains the learning process)  5. Your final piece(s) of jewelry in a necklace or bracelet format**You will use these items to show and talk about during the crit

PROJECT CRIT-not to miss or you will fail the project

You will need to bring your computer for posting on your Learning Portfolio during class.

If you have read all the way through the post and prepared for the crit, you are all set.

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